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VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server

VPS is the type of hosting service that gives you one or multiple virtual servers, that offers privacy, security, and dedicated resources. Each individual server gets its own operating system provided by you and the owner can manage and customize that operating system. This hosting plan is preferred by many people because of the fact that it is capable of offering better backup and security options with the added flexibility to expand on demand if needed unlike a physical server. You don’t have to compete with any other systems for bandwidth, speed, and storage space. It’s your own private little island in the hosting ocean. 

Choose between our VPS Hosting Options


4GB Memory
4 Core Processor

128 GB SSD


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8GB Memory

8 Core Processor 

256 GB SSD 


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16GB Memory
16 Core CPU 

512 GB SSD 


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32GB Memory

16 Core CPU 

500 GB SSD 


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* Dedicated symmetrical bandwidth, includes single dedicated IP
** Dedicated symmetrical bandwidth burstable up to double the speed listed, include single dedicated IP, dedicated VPN sit-to-site tunnel (OpenVPN)
‡ Does Not Include Managed Service plan. Per incident, support is available at $150 per incident for up to 2 hours
- All bandwidth rates are provided at Committed Bandwidth Rates. Higher commit rates can be purchased separately in 25Mbps increments. All speeds are in Bits Per Second. 

Physical Server Hosting

CoLo Hosting

Keep your own hardware but...

Outsource your Reliability
A clean, stable, power conditioning, climate controlled, always monitored environment ensures physical maintenance issues of your system is kept to a minimum.  

Outsource your Availability
Never again worry about Weather, Power, ISP Outage or any other natural occurrence that could interrupt your business operations

Outsource your connectivity 
With up to 70+ Ultra Low Latency, Direct, Gigabit carriers, as well as a blended IP stack solution by Atlantic Metro. Internet connectivity is of no concern here. No matter where you may be in the United States. See our carrier list